Friday, October 19, 2007

Wedge Blew This Game-Kind Of

Top of the 7th innings, your ace has given you a workmen's like effort. Six innings pitched, 2 runs, stranding a ton of base runners. He's had over 100 pitchers, so you pull him right? Not Wedgie. And that my friends was the end of the game.

So how could it have been different? Well, CC is done after 6. Raffy righty pitches your 7th and 8th innings-giving up most likely zero runs. Then, you still have a 2-1 deficit. Its a different mindset with a one run deficit as opposed to a five or 6 run deficit. Who knows if they could have pushed one across. But, its a chance I would have taken.

Granted, I understand Wedgie's reasoning. He didn't want to push Raffy too much again with possibly 2 big back to back games coming up. I still don't like seeing Sabathia left in there though. Go to Mastny or someone like that then if you must. But CC was gassed. Oh, and as for Raffy Perez...why did they bring him in the 8th? Easy, it was a 3 run BoSox lead and Perez needed to get some work/confidence back. I get that. He was a dumb mistake (on his part) away from getting out of that inning.

Don't get me wrong. Wedge has been great this year and in the playoffs. You can't be mad at the guy, everyone makes mistakes. Its easy for me, the fan, to sit here and say why didn't you do (blank). I just saw CC staying in as a rather huge, evident mistake that could have been avoided, and could have changed the face of that ballgame.

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