Friday, October 12, 2007


LeBron said he would light up Cleveland like Vegas...well, at least we have their football team to play in the arena King James calls home.
Its official, Attorney James Ferraro and Bernie Kosar are bringing AFL to Cleveland.
This email was sent to members of the Las Vegas Gladiators boosters club:

The AFL owners approved the move to Cleveland today. Thank you to everyone who took part in the Gladiaddicts. We did our part. Ferraro can bite us one and all.
Maybe Vegas will get a new team when the new arena is built. I'll definitely
contact the fan base when and if that day comes. It would be great to see what
Vegas can do with respectable, local ownership.The site and forum will be gone
in about a week. It's been real.Thanks,Max

So what kind of owner is Cleveland getting? Well, from everything I gather-not one who is widely respected by the league and his former city's fans. But, lets give the man a chance. He has Bernie on board, already a huge plus. Bernie has been a very successful businessman out side of football. I don't think he'll mess this up.
Ferraro and Bernie both played ball at "The U" (thats University of Miami Florida). Ferraro on the scout team and Bernie the starting QB. Ferraro though has admittedly gone on to quite a nice career as a lawyer. He has offices in Cleveland, so he is committed in some way to the city. The two were also smart enough to get a chance to play at The Q. This is a much better venue than the Wolstein Center.
More on the state of our new team, the Bulldogs (or is it Bulldawgs?) tomorrow when we take a look at the new coach, current players, and viability of AFL in Cleveland.
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