Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Now...for the most accurate post season predictions

It was Tuesday April 3rd. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I was bored out of my mind sitting in my ECON 203 class. So what did I do? Of course I wrote down my predictions for the upcoming MLB season. I made a pick for the world series...and what do you know, those two teams are still alive today. So, of course, I have to stick to that prediction today.

Indians vs Yankes: Indians in 4
-Anything could happen in the post season. Not everything makes sense. But, with that said, I believe that everything is going the Indians way in this series. It could easily be 2-0 going into Sunday's game with a pitcher with a bad shoulder trying to save their season. Good pitching beats good hitting. Period. The Indians have good pitching.
-X factor: Look at the Yankees bullpen. Outside of Joba and Mariano...who do they have? exactly...

Angels vs Red Sox: Angels in 5
-A toss up, but the deciding factor is the Angels ability to scratch out runs. Mike Sciocia is a proponent of stealing bases, the hit and run, bunting, and going 1st to 3rd on singles. That is going to wear on the Red Sox, a team who lives and dies by the big inning.
-X factor: Will Dice-K show he's worth the money? He'll either be in the position of putting the dagger through the Angels, or needing to save the Red Sox from the brink of elimination. I'm not a believer.

Diamondbacks vs Cubs: D-Backs in 3
-Does anyone realize who has the best record in the NL? ITS THE D-BACKS! Shocking, I know. But its not a coincidence. The Cubs are talented, but flawed. They won the division by default. The D-Backs can pitch and come up with clutch hitting. That my friends is the perfect formula for post season success.
-X factor: The D-Backs are incredibly young and unproven. Their manager is too. Does the post season get to them?
Phillies vs Rockies: Phillies in 4
-I love the Rockies. I wish they would win this series. But, I just get the feeling that the ride has to end sometime-soon. Their hitting admittedly is not as good outside of Coors. Plus, the Phillies pitching is hitting its stride at the right time.
-X factor: The Rockies bullpen is filled with a bunch of castoffs from other teams. If needed in a clutch situation, will they perform?

Indians vs Angels: Indians in 6
-The Tribe is just the all around better team. There is really nothing that the Angels do that they are better at. The key is that CC/Fausto > Lackey/Escobar. Plus, the Indians back end of the pen is nails. It will be a good series, but this is just the Indians year.
-X factor: Is Vlad healthy? Big players make big plays in the post season. If he's not himself, thats a huge blow to the team.

Diamondbacks vs Phillies: Diamondbacks in 7
-This has all the makings of a series where the Phillies come in overconfident, go down 2-0, storm back to take a 3-2 lead, only to lose it. The Phillies will overlook the DBacks. But the DBacks will do what they've done all year, pitch well and and get clutch hitting. The fairy tail season continues (but will anyone in Phoenix notice?).
-X factor: Charlie Manuel makes questionable moves. He will do something that will change the course of the series...for the worse.

World Series
Indians vs Diamondbacks: Indians in 5
-Most of the country will turn off their TV sets, but Cleveland will rejoice, the curse will be broken. The Diamondbacks will just be out of gas. Typical of young teams who are "just happy to be there." The Indians are a team on a mission. They will do what it takes to close it out.
-X factor: The Indians killer instinct must be shown here. The DBacks will give them a series if JoeBo blows a clinching game, or Jhonny makes a crucial error.

So there you have it, my humble opinion. Now watch none of it happen.

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