Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Anti-Bartman

An Open Letter to Cubs Fans:

So you're a Cubs fan. You've been beaten down every which way by your team. Some years, you are just flat out terrible. The years that you are good, you lose in heart breaking fashion. Then you finally get a year that you are good, and the National League is wide open. You determine you are going to do everything in your power to make sure this is the year the curse is broken. What you you do? You buy a $1000 ticket, sit behind home plate, and put up a red flashing Cubs sign to distract the Diamondbacks closer...


Yea, some A-Hole actually did that last night. And that my friend is why for every cute grandma that has been rooting for her Cubbies since 08' there is some beer guzzling, stuck up, over zealous fan who represents the team on the north side. I mean, seriously Mr. Latte drinking, caviar eating, bandwagon Cubbie fan-you are a disgrace to the game. I have no idea how you did not get kicked out of that game last night. I looked at you once and already knew you were some high class snobby business man who probably used his expense account from his company to fly out to Phoenix to watch his team collapse....again. So you know what? Sorry grandma, because of A-Holes like this guy, I hope the Cubs don't win a pennant for another 100 years.

Cubs fans revel in their place in baseball lore as the lovable losers....GET OVER YOURSELVES! A team in your own backyard had a championship drought too, but you didn't see their fans sporting that "woe is me" attitude. Even if you are a Cubby fan, you're probably a Bears and Bulls fan too. Ya, you know those two franchises which have won your city 7 championships over the last 2 decades. Ya, woe is me my ass. You've celebrated your fair share of winners and got to witness two of the great players of our generation: Walter Payton and some guy named Jordan.

Cubs fans, I hope you enjoy the next few days when an EXPANSION TEAM blows you out of the playoffs. Your high priced players and rent-a-manager won't take the loss to heart like you will...because they don't care. You really think Alfonso Soriano came to Chicago for the mystic of being a Cubby? Or maybe his that huge contract they gave him that no other team was offering!

We know how you'll react come next week..poor us...maybe next year...lets go buy some more players...

Like they say....theres always next year...or next century in your case


The rest of the fans in major league baseball

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