Thursday, October 4, 2007

And After Day One....

Beckett throws a gem, the Rockies keep rolling, and the Cubs were...well the Cubs. Welcome to the most predictable, boring playoff opening day ever (sans that A-Hole behind the plate at the Cubs/DBacks game). I think the Indians and Yankees may match the total number of runs scored in all of the games yesterday...and thats with both of their aces going tonight. Here's my trifecta of thoughts on yesterday's games:

1. Nothing surprising about the Rockies win. That game could have gone either way. In another place and another time, Cole Hamels doesn't walk 3 guys in one inning. Law of averages dictates that the Rockies have to lose sometime. Today probably will be the day.

2. I'm a little worried about the Angels offense. I guess I should have looked into that line up more and found out that ex Indians and Expos farmhand Macier Iztuiris was batting 5th (yikes!). But, I still like the Angels scrappy style of play. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

3. I saw last night coming with the Cubs and DBacks. That game is exactly how Arizona has won all year. Its inexplicable-but it keeps happening. So I'm not betting against them. They are one Ted Lilly meltdown away from clinching this series.

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