Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Curious Case of the Indiana Hoosiers

I was almost 100% sure the moment that Dan Dakich took over the Indiana Hoosiers that they would be a team to be reckoned with come the start of the NCAA Tournament. Now...? Not so sure.

I like Dan as a coach, I think he has a certain style of "tough love" that you don't see out of many coaches anymore. I witnessed it up close for 4 years at Bowling Green. He is a throw back to the coaches of yesterday. He just does things right. However, he's not the reason I thought this team had a least a run to the Sweet 16 in them.

I honestly thought DJ White would rally his teammates together to prove everyone wrong. Basically, to give a big "F-U" to the world after "the media" ousted their coach. They would do this for Coach Sampson, and then tell the world so in countless interviews afterword-virtually assuring their coach would get another shot a a head coaching job again.

But, instead of coming together...this team has fallen apart. Close victories over OSU and Northwestern, and blow out loss to Michigan State paved the way for a shocking loss to Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament. No offense Tubby, but Mr. Hoffarber should have never had a shot to pull off that miracle shot. The pure talent of Indiana should have lead them to an easy win.

So, here we are on selection Sunday and Indiana may be the most intriguing team to watch in the entire field. They have the great scorer in Eric Gordon, a big man- DJ White, and a nice supporting cast to put around them. That's pretty much all you need to make a run at a Final Four.

The question then for Hoosier players is, will you come together, or will you fall apart? I want to believe in you, the state of Indiana wants to believe in you, college basketball fans across the country want to believe in you. It will be a great story-the greatest of the tournament.

Hoosier players-will you answer the call?

(No pun intended)

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