Monday, October 15, 2007

Half Way to the Fall Classic

Momentum has shifted, and the Tribe is on the war path. This team just has that look, its just their year. A friend of mine predicted that Jake Westbrook would pitch the game of his life. Well guess what? 6 2/3 innings and 2 runs given up. The fantastic bullpen did their job too. And lets not forget about The Mayor of Cleveland Kenny Lofton.
Is it too much to ask to see them clinch it in Cleveland in game 5? Maybe, but we're one bad outting by a guy with a bad back (Wakefield) or one good outing by a guy who lives for these moments (Byrd) away from getting a chance to talk about it.
As for Boston, it was revealed that Ortiz almost had to sit out the remainder of the series due to his bad knee. He suddenly doesn't look like Big Papi. He looks the David Oritz, the old first basemen from the Twins. Manny is starting to be Manny again. That being, the emotional player who can turn it on and off whenever he feels like. He doesn't look to motivated. In general, somehow the BoSox just aren't hitting. Byrd throws strikes, that eliminates walks and more guys on base. I like the Indians chances.
Two more wins and the Indians get a chance to do something no Cleveland team has done since 64'. It feels like its year.

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