Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brief AFL Cleveland Update

Tomorrow it will be official. There will be a 1pm press conference at The Q to announce our new arena league team. However, I recently haven't heard anything about the team being called the Bulldawgs. Could this be a marketing opportunity? I.E. hey fans you vote on the team name...which would probably be the bulldawgs anyway.

Offically (bank on it) here is the front office for our new Cleveland AFL Franchise:

Jim Ferraro: Owner
-Nothing surprising here. Its been his team and will continue to be. Lawyer with ties to Cleveland and The U-where he met...

Bernie Kosar: Team President
-Will oversee the operations of the team. Also, most likely the public face of the team.

Mike Wilpot: Head Coach
-Was announced previously as the new head coach. He stated he was looking forward to going back out west....oops. Well, he's staying and he has a good resume. Was an interm coach one year for the Indiana Firebirds and almost lead them to a championship. Also, recently was a defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Avengers.

Tom Goodhines: Exec. VP and General Manager
-Former GM of the Utah Blaze, also has been involved in communications. Broadcasted and wrote about the AFL for many years before moving up. Will make the football decisions along with Bernie.

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