Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is a Die Hard?

If you're're probably a die hard fan. Die hards...we stick it out when the casual fan jumps off the bandwagon. We're one of the 1,000 fans that don't give the excuse of LA traffic and actually get to Dodger games on time, and stay for all 9 innings. We are Raider fans that show up in facepaint and shoulderpads (with spikes!) to the 17th game of the year to see if your team can pull of its 3rd win of the season. We are Rutgers football fans who waited...and waited...and finally have a fun team to root for.

We showed up for all 455 games of the sell out steak at Jacobs Field. We cried tears of joy when we saw Cal break the record. And we'll always remember we were alive to see Gretzky, MJ, and Barry (Sanders-not Bonds) in their prime.

So be loud, be proud, and count your self as a die hard fan. Your team thanks you for your support, and I thank you for reading

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