Friday, September 28, 2007

Is Todd Helton a Hall of Famer?

Here at DHA, we have a favorite baseball team already, but we have officially adopted the Colorado Rockies as the official team of the blog. That got us to thinking about the heart and soul of their team, Todd Helton. Yes, that is a picture of a young Todd playing QB at the University of Tennessee. He quit after he lost the starting job to some other guy. Todd's gotta feel good, he's playing in the majors and that other guy is probably working at Burger King. Think his name was Peyton something...oh well.

Anyway, all Todd has done in his 10 + years in the bigs is hit over .300 every year, knock in over 100 rbi 8 times, and hit 301 home runs. Add to that winning a gold glove 3 times. Yea, he plays half of his games in Coors Field. Well, this was the era of 'roids a few guys are going to get into the hall who used them. So whats the difference? Is it his fault he played in that park? By the way, his numbers on the road are almost just as good. Plus, he's only 34 years old, so he's got probably about 5 more productive years ahead of him. In our eye's, Todd is HOF worthy.

Not bad if you like 1st basemen, 6'2, with a lightening quick bat.

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Tom said...

personally i'm more a fan of 6'5", 230 lb. quarterbacks with a laser, rocket arm...