Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Ultimate Team Rankings Explained

Everyone has an opinion on how good of a franchise their team is. However, rarely do we objectively rate each of those teams. Well that is exactly what I have done here in the Ultimate Team Ranking. And here is how I did it.

-Each team in the 3 major sporting leagues were included (sorry NHL, you are no longer as relevant as you once were)
-I determined based upon popularity and overall success that the ranking of the leagues were: 1. NFL 2. MLB 3. NBA.
-Each franchise was ranked in 5 different areas: Fans, Facilities, Ownership, Ability to win (a combination of players and front office), and Intangibles
- Teams were assigned simply either a positive, negative, or indifferent ranking in each category
-Those rankings were assigned a point total of either +1, -1 or 0.
-The teams were then grouped together based upon their total scores.
-I then subjectively ranked the teams within the groups with the same scores
-Some teams were allowed to jump up one level based upon which league they were in (hense the league rankings
-But Basically....this is just all my opinion. Hopefully it will lead to some discussion amongst you and your friends!

After listing all teams the actual point totals and statistical breakdowns will be listed...eventually

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