Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I expect tonight...briefly

1. McCain will still lead in the Republican field, however...
2. Mitt Romney will survive, and make a race of it. "True Conservatives" want nothing more than to see him overtake McCain. It will take time but the movement has started. But another twist to the story may be...
3. Mike Huckabee, who will also do very well tonight. He will surprise some people. People will continue to talk about the "Huckabee factor." He may very well be the reason this thing goes to the convention.
4. Democrats Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton will just about split the vote tonight. Personally, I see the Republican races as more interesting since they are almost do or die for their candidates.
5. For the Dems, tonight will prove nothing except that we are one day closer to the convention where the nomination will be decided.
5. People who support Hillary will continue to do so, and ditto for Obama. Unfortunately, its about 50/50 so there will be no clear cut favorite for a long time...

Keep watching-I know I will!

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