Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Signing Off

Last post of the night for my first night of blogging any sort of political event. I look back at my first post and can't believe how smart I am (subtle sarcasm...). Mike Huckabee was the man of the night. He is now a force to be reckoned with. I disagree with those who don't believe he can't do well in some of the remaining states. He won Iowa, a midwest state, period. On top of that, don't underestimate momentum. Do I think he'll win the nomination? Absolutely not. However, as I stated before, he will make the race interesting, make some issues he represents very relevant, and take the race to the convention because McCain will not get the needed amount by the time they reach Minneapolis St. Paul.

By the way...when will John McCain win big in a state? Hasn't happened yet in my opinion.

Mitt Romney...stay tuned to California. He vowed his campaign will move on. But, if he at least just about splits CA he still has an outside shot at this thing.

As for the Dems....I'm very impressed by Obama's showing. Yes, the delegates will be just about even after tonight like I thought they would be. But, Obama really made a statement by the number of states he has won.

Next week comes the beltway primary (DC/Virginia/Maryland). Then in a month the big Texas/Ohio showdown.

Looking forward to that day...

PS As I speak, they just projected Hillary and McCain winning Cali. Romney is in big trouble now.

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