Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bobby Petrino-Meet Nick Saban

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I've never been more appauled at an athletic department than I am at the Arkansas Razorbacks. You call a press conference at 11:30pm at night to announce your new coach. Your media members hoot and hollar at the new coaches every word. And you cap it off by bringing up your cheerleaders to lead the new coach and the media members in a "Pig Suey" call.

Welcome to Fayetteville, Arkansas-home of the pompous Razerback fans, boosters, athletic department, and now coach.

Did anyone really think Bobby Petrino would work out in Atlanta? Does anyone believe any college coach will ever work out again?

But, back to Mr. Petrino. Here is a guy who coaches his team on national television one night, and then jets off to be the head coach of a college team the next. Apparently, Arthur Blank had no idea his coach was leaving after endorsing him on Monday Night Football. Classy Bobby, really classy.

This is the man that his players publicly stated they disliked. He said Byron Leftwich was his QB even after Joey Harrington won two straight games. He cut DT Grady Jackson with no explaination. And he attempted to bully his players into his philsophy. And, as of last night he was still trying to get his team to buy into his philsophy...as he was already booking his flight out of town.

But, I guess DeAngelo Hall summed it up best when he stated in an interview on ESPN after watching his coach accept another job, "Its obvious he was using us as a stepping stone to another job. But thats okay, they already have a bunch of problems. They ain't even that good"

So, when is that Alabama/Arkansas game next year?

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