Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We're Back...With Breaking News

(Yea...I still hate Boston...but we're back)

"LLLoyd" Carr Is out as coach of the Michigan Wolverines, so says MGoBlog. According to their sources, Carr will announce his retirement sometime after the conclusion of this weekend's game. I checked out a few random Michigan fan forums and the consensus there seems to be that this was decided before the year ever even started. What a way to go out LLLoyd.
Now speculation will start about who will be the next Wolverine coach. Early candidates: LSU's Les Miles (a UM alum), Navy's Paul Johnson, and even Bill Cowher. Our bet, Miles is smart enough to turn down the gig and Michigan ends up staying in house by hiring defensive coordinator Ron English.
Somewhere in suburban Columbus Jim Tressel is shedding a tear...now he might actually have to outsmart a coach in the last game of the year.

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